Friday, April 19, 2013

hanging on

It's April 19. It is snowing to beat the band. Not one of those "oh isn't it cute, winter's trying to hang on" spring flurries, but a full-blown, howling wind, get out the snowblower, winter storm. The birds are so confused--where are the worms? Somebody slid off the road in my neighborhood and uprooted a sweet little crab tree. I'm ready to throw in the towel. I'm ready to register a complaint with Mother Nature, God, or whomever's in charge. I'm ready to board a plane to Anywhere But Here. But, truthfully, there's nothing to do but hang on. Hang in there.

So I'm heading back to the studio to try to make some pretty. Got some vintage brass soaking in Swellegant turning a brilliant lime green. Got some ocean-colored Peruvian Opal waiting to be used, and some ocean-inspired resin bezels curing. Spring will come, it always does. What are you doing to stay inspired in this endless winter?

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