Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Ch ch ch changes...

Can you feel it in the air? This morning the birds were singing their little hearts out, and as I sit here after dinner, the sun is still up. Here in Minnesota, winter lingers on far longer than it is welcome--just as many of you in more temperate climates are seeing buds and grass, we're getting nailed with what are often our biggest snowstorms of the winter. March is tournament time, for hockey and basketball, and tournament time almost ALWAYS brings a major snowfall.
Those of you who know me well know that the Minnesota climate makes me crazy. Practically as soon as the snow melts, we'll be hit with 90 degrees and 90 percent humidity. Spring and fall are brief, and beautiful, as the landscape explodes with color, and we have to enjoy every single minute.

So here we are, the end of March, temps climbing into the 40s--I refused to wear a jacket today--and everywhere I look I see peeks of muddy grass. Let the great melt begin!

This spring, with the change of season comes a big change for me as well. Last year at this time I was moving into my very first studio outside of the house. I loved it, 500 square feet in an old building with charming details, with huge (though foggy) windows that let in morning light. It made me feel like I was very nearly a REAL artist. ;-) However, as the year wore on, I found there were several things I didn't like--having a commute, searching for a parking spot, two long flights of stairs when packing up the car for a show, and most of all, having all my work AT WORK, even when Mommy duties like sick kids and school holidays kept me at home. So when my lease was up, I was done, and now am in the middle of bringing everything back home. How do you fit 500 square feet of stuff into a 10 x 10 spare bedroom? Thank goodness The Hubs is an engineer, and a very patient man. Right now, this is what our entryway looks like:

Well, onto the jewelry, and crafting and fun...I've been going a little flower crazy, as I am so in love with little Czech glass flowers, and can't get enough of them. I brought a whole bunch to Quince (a shop in St. Paul, Minnesota) today. I'll be putting more things onto my Etsy site as well. I'm also experimenting a lot with Swellegant paints and patinas, (amazing) and using mica powder with resin to create the look of enameling without heat. More on that to come! What are you working on? I'd love to see!

PS Got a little press this month--Bead Style and Jewelry Affaire are both running photos of some designs I did for Nunn. If you have any questions about those projects, please email me--I may even be able to put a kit together for you!