Wednesday, July 25, 2012

mermaids underwater

The long, HOT summer is getting to me. 
Time for an indoor craft with images of cool water and mermaids.

This is a project I did for Nunn Design that was featured last week in Jewelry Making Daily's free E-Book: 
6 Free Mixed-Media Jewelry Projects: How to Make Jewelry with Leather, Fabric, Paper, Glass and More

To get your copy of the book, download HERE:

Underwater Mermaids Resin Necklace

by Stephanie Gard Buss

Nunn Design sterling silver Grande Pendant Circle 
Nunn Design Bathing Beauties collage sheet 
Nunn Design sterling silver conch charm 
Nunn Design sterling silver ring toggle 
Nunn Design sterling silver twig toggle bar 
Nunn Design silver filigree bead cap 
Nunn Design two-part epoxy resin 
Nunn Design silver jump rings 
Nunn Designs ilver head pins 
silver eye pins or wire 
pearl beads 
JACQUARD-Pearl Ex Powdered 
Pigments Series 2 
glass glitter 
glue or paper sealant 
Wire cutters 
Round or chain nose pliers 
Small paintbrush 

Nunn Design jewelry components:; JACQUARD-Pearl  
Ex Powdered Pigments Series 2:; glass glitter:  Rose Mille or

STEP 1 Cut your image from the collage sheet. Glue it in the bezel  
setting, then coat with glue or sealant to seal the image. Set aside to dry. 

STEP 2 Using eye pins or wire, link glass pearls together into a chain until 
they are the length you want for your necklace. Attach the toggle clasp 
at each end. 

STEP 3 String a pearl onto a head pin, add a bead cap, and finish with a 
loop on top. String a small pearl onto a head pin and finish with a loop on 
top. Attach a small jump ring to the conch shell. Slip all three charms onto 
a larger jump ring. This will drop from the bottom of your bezel pendant. 

STEP 4 When glue is dry on the image, dip a small paintbrush into your 
pigment powder. Here I wanted to create depth around the image, so I 
used the darkest color in the crevice, then a richer blue around the image. 
This is totally freestyle — do what you wish. 

STEP 5 When you are happy with your image, it’s time for resin. Mix  
two-part resin according to manufacturer’s instructions. Gently pour into 
the bezel but not all the way to the top. Allow the resin to set for about 
30 minutes; then carefully sprinkle glass glitter where you want it and 
allow it to finish curing overnight. If you put the glitter in while the resin  
is still very liquid, it wants to draw itself together into a clump. 

STEP 6 After leaving it to cure overnight, mix another small batch of resin 
and finish filling the bezel so it domes nicely. Also, if you don’t cover the 
glitter with this second layer of resin, the edges of the glitter will poke out 
of the resin and be scratchy. 

STEP 7 Finish your necklace by attaching the pendant to the pearl bead 
chain and attach the charms to the bottom loop of the bezel with a 
jump ring. 

Voila! You have your cool, beachy necklace. Now go and wear it before summer's over! :-)

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